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Quizlet Links

Dr. Isaacs maintains links to Quizlet sets he has created. Some are exclusive to his students, but the sets below are available to anyone. These include pronunciations, definitions, and where possible, illustrations or pictures. Give these a try!

Word Lists from Books

Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother
Set 1 (50 words)
Set 2 (50 words)
Set 3 (55 words)

Steve Jobs
Set 1 (51 words)
Set 2 (51 words)
Set 3 (51 words)
Set 4 (51 words)
Set 5 (50 words)
Set 6 (50 words)

Past Scripps School Lists

Note: these lists only include words 150-450, and consist of 25 words per set.

2015 School List
2016 School List
2017 School List
2018 School List
2019 School List
2020 School List

Spell It

Predating Words of the Champions, Spell It was the main study list provided from Scripps from 2007 through 2019. The words in Spell It were arranged into language sets. The original Spell It website is here. I have divided Spell It into 25 Quizlet sets of approximately 50 words each.

Spell It