Rates & Policies

The Scripps National Spelling Bee website states that the bee’s purpose is “to help students improve their spelling, increase their vocabularies, learn concepts, and develop correct English usage that will help them all their lives.”

It is my goal to work in concordance with the bee’s purpose and lay the groundwork for pertinent practical skills: to train students to think on their feet under pressure, improve their deductive abilities, develop a compelling passion and solid foundation for success, and work toward that success.


Rate: $100/hour (as of 7/2015)
Payment is expected at each coaching session. Future coaching sessions will not be scheduled until payment is received.
Payment is requested either in cash, check, or using credit cards or debit cards through PayPal.

I like to get to know students before beginning coaching. As such, I request an initial hour visit in person. Both the speller and at least one parent are expected to come to this visit. This visit is free of charge. If an in-person visit is not possible, it is possible to speak over the phone or on Skype instead.

Coaching sessions should ideally take place in person. Depending on individual goals, a recommended regimen is 1-2 hours of coaching per week, with further studying to take place at home. If coaching is not possible in person, Skype coaching is possible.

Coaching for spellers begins in late August and continue throughout the school year, or until a student is eliminated from competition. At that point, coaching ends until after the completion of the bee year (mid-August). A single post-mortem meeting may be requested if desired to discuss successes, challenges, and future plans.